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Body Exfoliating Glov

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 EASY TO USE: The unique shape lets you easily reach all body areas, making it the perfect tool for a complete and thorough exfoliation. SOFTER & SMOOTHER SKIN: Our body scrub exfoliator helps slough away dead skin cells, revealing softer, smoother skin. It's also great for preparing skin for shaving, as it helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Our dead skin remover also promotes better absorption of skincare products.

GLOWING SKIN: Exfoliate your way to glowing skin! This body scrubber mitt massages and detoxifies the skin better than regular hand exfoliating gloves for the body, leaving you with glowing and healthy skin. These exfoliating body scrub gloves are made from plants, making them safe and perfect for those with sensitive skin. They're gentle on the environment, making it a truly sustainable choice.