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One-Piece Comfortable Fleece Recliner Cover with Pockets

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  • Providing perfect spill and stain protection - Helps keep your recliner clean
  • Give your favorite recliner a makeover -  This soft, warm cover will make it comfortable than ever
  • Single-piece design - No hassle of putting multiple pieces together
  • Easy to clean - Just put it in the washing machine
  • Plush fabric  - Has a thickness of 0.30cm approx

    Item description from the seller
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    Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a comfortable, high-quality recliner after a long day.

    Having found the perfect recliner chair to give you that experience, you would want to keep it in as good a condition as possible.

    Sadly, no piece of furniture can last forever, but our One-Piece Comfortable Fleece Recliner Cover will keep your favorite chair looking great for years to come.

    With its ease of cleaning and maintenance, you won't need to worry about a small accident ruining your recliner.

    In addition to its purity and simplicity, the color white has the reflective quality that gives the illusion of space in your home.

    Maintain a tidy living room:
    Keep your favorite magazines and remote in the side pockets.

    Stays in place:
    Features a slip-resistant backing and elastic straps that keep it firmly in place.

    Stylish and generous sizing:
    Designed for generous coverage across all widths, arms, and backs. Please refer to the size guide in the listing photos before making a purchase.

    Be surrounded by softness:
    Our recliner chair cover is made with high-density stitching. It has a cotton-like feel and a high level of durability.