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Single Glass Lock Furniture Hardware

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About this item
  • Safety locks
  • Right push design
  • Package includes lock & 2 duplicate keys
  • Installed on drawers, cabinets, cupboards, doors, etc.
  • Useful across the home in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom

    Item description from the seller

    It is understandable if, before having kids, you didn't need locks to install on drawers or doors. But with these small crawling creatures, you got to be careful and prevent them from accessing areas restricted to them.

    For such needs, use this single glass lock furniture hardware to lock glass doors, cabinets, and drawers. It will make your household safer for kids and will also protect your essentials from getting into strangers' hands.

    This lock is convenient to install and can be done by yourself.

    What you'll get:

    • Kids safety: Children are often found opening drawers and cabinets accessible to them. These might have household poisons like detergents and floor cleaners that, if consumed, can cause serious health issues. So use this hardware lock to prevent kids from opening these cabinets.
    • Anti-theft locks: These locks are ideal for preventing any unallowed hand from taking your essentials, like wallet, keys, or cellphone, out of the drawer. Once locked, it will only with the key making it extra safe to keep your important stuff.
    • Duplicate keys: The lock has 2 duplicate keys to make it easier for you to share it with your partner. You won't have to wait on your better half to come and open the drawer for you. Rather you can use your key to open and close the cabinet at your own time and need.
    • Multi-Use: This single glass lock furniture hardware is ideal for installing wooden cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. It is also suitable for glass doors in the bathroom or windows.