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Stainless Steel Bagel Slicer For Small

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  • Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • The cradle holds bagels
  • Non-stick xylon-coated blade
  • Acrylic guards keep hands away from the blade
  • Delivers perfect cuts
  • Get evenly sliced bagels now
  • Also good for cupcakes, croissants

    Item description from the seller

    Bagels are the staple food for so many people.

    We get it – they’re delicious, you have been eating it for your whole life but why is it that your sliced bagels are never as precisely cut as that of a top New York restaurant or a TV commercial?

    Because you don’t have a special cutter that they use.

    Get ready to cut even slices of your bagel and load them up with squishy tomatoes, slimy mustard, salty smoked fish, fluffy eggs or scrumptious bacon, using this masterly guillotine bagel slicer. 

    It’s easy to use, delivers the exact cut every single time, and keeps your hands away from the sharp blade – is there anything more you need from a bagel slicer?

    What you’ll get:

    • Cut bagels evenly each time: No need to look at your sibling’s perfectly sliced bagels and get jealous because yours are messy. After bringing this cutter into your house, all of the family members will get evenly sliced bagels. Owing to the serrated v-shaped blade, it cuts the bagels exactly from the center.
    • More sliced bagels in less time: Cutting the bagels with a knife takes a long time. Sometimes it gets stuck in between the bagel or you have to clean the edge in between. No such problems with this guillotine bagel slicer tool. The serrated stainless steel blade is xylan coated which makes it non-stick and durable so that you can cut bagels quickly. It is perfect for an indoor bagel party. Also useful for burger buns, bread, muffins and croissants.
    • Maximum safety: No need to put your fingers in danger by cutting the bagels using a knife now. Use this guillotine bagel cutter tool that keeps your hands away from the sharp blade. You just have to push down the presser containing the blade and voila, you are done.
    • Handles every size of bagels: Use this holder for slicing buns, donuts, and bagels of any size. Be it a large sesame burger bun or a small Italian bagel, the cradle can handle everything.